KHFM staff training programme is considered one of the best in the industry. We recruit  eager, young personnel who understand the KHFM work ethos. These recruits are then trained by professionals in order to ensure that we create a team of employees of the highest calibre. Our training begins off-site at our special training unit. Whether it’s gardening, hospitality management or aviation services, each facility is covered with precision and the new recruit is thoroughly initiated in the business.

Once on-site, s/he is given detailed information on the client, his/her requirements, the premises and any special instructions that are needed in the course of the project. The use of chemicals, eco-friendly products, special machinery, personal grooming, etiquette and safety precautions are all explained in-depth to each new staff member. This ensures that each person on the team is aware of every aspect of the client’s requirements and can work in unison to strengthen the team.


  • 35 year old company with experienced management staff.
  • ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 certified integrated facility management company.
  • Specific on-site & off-site job training provided by senior management personnel before deputing each staff member to client site at our in house training centre.
  • Owns latest machinery for all kinds of job & trained manpower to use them.
  • High quality professional service.
  • No company is better equipped to enhance your image and efficiency.

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