Mechanized House Keeping Services

Jobs will be undertaken for day to day maintenance & upkeep of Offices, Call Centers, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Clubs,  Multiplexes, Hospitals, Factory & Residential Complexes. Under housekeeping services, we provide Sweeping, Mopping,  Dusting of premises, Toilet Cleaning, Glass cleaning, Terrace Cleaning etc..


Our House keeping Services include:
• Daily Attention
• Weekly Attention
• Fortnightly Attention
• Monthly Attention Basis

AND Specialty Cleaning like:
• Carpet, Upholstery cleaning and shampooing.
• Window Washing.
• Fire damage Restoring/Cleaning.
• Water Damage Restoring/Cleaning.
• Ceiling & Wall Cleaning.
• Facade cleaning.
• Floor Treatment (put bullet points, not dash).
• Arrangements for Parties and Receptions.
• Shifting and moving furniture Daily.
• Custodial services for Athletic/Public events.
• Supply for Day to Day Cleaning Materials
• Post-Constructions cleaning.

Our Cleaning Tools


Success Stories

Esselworld and Water Kingdom,

KHFM was responsible for the Mechanised Housekeeping at Esselworld and Water Kingdom two of the most popular entertainment parks in the vicinity of Mumbai city. This involved the mechanised cleaning of all the rides as well as the entire area of the parks which spans over 30 acres.

The grounds receive around 7,000 people on a daily basis and over 10,000 people during the peak season. With most of the visitors being young children, it was imperative to maintain scrupulous levels of hygiene at both parks. This was achieved with great success thanks to our mechanised cleaning processes.

NPCL Kaiga

Located in Karnataka, Kaiga is a nuclear power station operated by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. This power plant was maintained in areas of housekeeping and gardening by KHFM during its construction. We continued to perform Housekeeping functions here after the project became active in March 2000. Our staff here has been made especially aware of the importance of safety and security at this power station.


  • 35 year old company with experienced management staff.
  • ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 certified integrated facility management company.
  • Specific on-site & off-site job training provided by senior management personnel before deputing each staff member to client site at our in house training centre.
  • Owns latest machinery for all kinds of job & trained manpower to use them.
  • High quality professional service.
  • No company is better equipped to enhance your image and efficiency.

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