Common Cleaning Solutions.
Your doubts and how we resolve them.

Standards of cleaning not up to the mark ?
Our distinct systemized approach to design, recruitment, training and high caliber management ensures consistent delivery of high quality cleaning standards matching your expectations at your facility.
Lack of attention to detailed ?
A customized daily monitoring and inspection method is implemented on each and every site. This is backed up with planned and unplanned inspections by KHFMS highly experienced field management teams. These unique measures will ensure that detailed cleaning is consistently kept up to standard.
Constant attendance issues with cleaners ?
Our innovative and highly effective staff time and attendance system ensures that we deliver the volumes of staff, for the hours you pay for on each site.
Staff must log in and out of site and details of “no shows” are e-mailed to field managers within 15 minutes of shift commencement.
High turnover of cleaning staff ?
We value our cleaning staff; our benefits package is industry-leading which means much lower staff turnover rates than the majority of our competitors. In addition, we recruit via a laid down innovative recruitment method which allows us to select the best caliber candidate who fits the role specifically.
Cleaners not trained to complete the job effectively ?
Our systemised training modules commence at induction with our welcome pack and first steps module, through to training delivered on the job through the

Your company´s management time taken up with “managing the cleaning”
when you are paying a contractor a management fee ?

Programmed monthly management meetings with all of our clients dovetail with our highly effective and streamlined communication process. You will always be able to speak directly to a Director or Senior Manager within our business.

Cleaning products regularly not supplied, equipment broken down and
not repaired ?

We self deliver all of our cleaning products and consumables. We do not leave it to a third party who might let our customers down.
Don’t care attitude from the cleaning company ?
We care about you, your business and our cleaning teams. You will never become “merely an account number” when you work with KHFMS.


  • 35 year old company with experienced management staff.
  • ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 certified integrated facility management company.
  • Specific on-site & off-site job training provided by senior management personnel before deputing each staff member to client site at our in house training centre.
  • Owns latest machinery for all kinds of job & trained manpower to use them.
  • High quality professional service.
  • No company is better equipped to enhance your image and efficiency.

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