Pest Control in Mumbai. KHFM experts are here to help

Mumbai may be the financial capital of India, but certainly it is not one of the healthiest places of the country. According to a WHO report, amongst the megacities of the world, Mumbai is fretting over diseases like dengue, malaria and other water, air and other pollution borne diseases. No wonder, in a densely populated and polluted city like Mumbai, pests are everywhere, be it in slums or skyscrapers, old downtowns or new suburbs. Pests which grow by leaps and bounds are always lookout for breeding grounds where they can nest, find new sources of food and infest. Pest control in Mumbaihave historically found it challenging to take on the ever increasing pests. It happens due to Mumbai’s extensive complex geographical blend of urbanization. This not only encompasses the fragile and inclusive environments of the city. Pests find such environments suitable to their expansion. Be it uncountable sewers, stalled water, slums, mangroves, due to urgent need of pest control, Mumbai is home to plethora of world class pest control services.

Pest control companies of Mumbai like KHFM Hospitality & Facility Management Services offers general disinfections services which eradicates main insects and household crawling pests. These pets are commonly found in kitchens and food associated areas frequentedby cockroaches, ants, spiders etc.

Cockroaches are responsible for contaminating household food and surface. They spread diseases like salmonella, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, dysentery, diarrhoea etc. Ants, on the other side live together and its colony size on average goes up to 3,00,000 to 5,00,000. They may also double up with other bees and wasps and cause structural damage and pose health risks. Spider infestation can contaminate food in kitchen. They live in secluded parts of house and lay eggs. A spider bite may cause reactions in adult and children in the form of pain, fever and nausea. Flies in tropical condition of Mumbai transmit diseases like dysentery, tuberculosis, salmonella and cholera. In many cases flies have been cited as the catalyst for cholera and dysentery epidemics. Health risk from mosquitos are also high in Mumbai like weather conditions, especially during and post monsoon. Mosquitos spread malaria, dengue, chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis. As per Government of India record, only in 2015 there were 11,26,661 malaria cases. Experts believe the number could be much more because not every case is registered in hospital record.

KHFM gets rid of insects and prevents future infestations by using human safe spray chemical, gel and herbal. Be it hotel, apartment, house, hospital or office, KHFM’s trained professionals make sure they get the job well done. Senior KHFM officials conduct specific on and offsite training before deputing staff members. KHFM is an ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 certified integrated facility management company.

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